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To All
Our Dear Friends & Loved Ones

- A Strange Christmas Tail -

Strange things happen at Christmas time.
For instance, there was this poor, little old lady
in our town who lived with her Poodle, Timmy.

Last Christmas, she received a mysterious package
with no name on the card that came with it.

She opened the package and found a bottle that looked
like Champagne. But when she popped the cork,
a magical Genie flowed out of the bottle and said to her,
"I will grant you three wishes as your Christmas present!"

Well .. the little old lady thought for just a minute and then said,
"I wish I was rich instead of poor".

There was a million dollars before her.

She thought for another minute and said,
"I wish I was young and beautiful!"

She was young and beautiful.

She thought carefully for several minutes about her third wish -
and then she said, I wish my wonderful little dog
Timmy was a handsome, young man instead of a dog!"

Timmy was a handsome, young man.

She could hardly believe it and she exclaimed,
"Oh Timmy, is that really you?"

And, the handsome young man said,
"Yes it is.
"Aren't you sorry that you had me fixed!!!"

We Wish You All A Very Wonderful Holiday Season
and a Very Healthy and Prosperous New Year
Filled With Love, Peace and Happiness.

From Steve, Terry & Pooky Burroughs
New Hope, Pennsylvania